Failed States and External Intervention


“Outside intervention can be both a symptom of and a trigger for state collapse. A failed state may be subject to involuntary restrictions of its sovereignty, such as political or economic sanctions, the presence of foreign military forces on its soil, or other military constraints, such as a no-fly zone.” —

So which countries faltered as a result of external/outside intervention? I’m curious to know the repercussions which fell onto the average Iraqi as a result of sanctions and other forms of intervention prior to our invasion. How much of the poverty or “economic decline” did our sanctions to prevent Sadam from building “weapons of mass destruction” cause?

Then the case of future failed nations. Afghanistan and again, IRAQ. Clearly things aren’t going well. Without our persistent “help,” the likely-hood of these countries “failing” yet again is high.

You can find the rest of the Failed State Index here. You may need to log-in, I had success with the username ‘anonymoususer’ and password ‘anonymous’. Check bugmenot for more.

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No, I guess there really isn’t a point to keeping unneeded language resources in Mac OS X. Not only does this piece of software take care of, lets say, how much space Albanian is taking up on my hard-drive, it also gets rid of architectures for all other macs… like Power PC or Intel 64bit.  Since this is just a regular old Intel, I don’t need any of those.  It saved me nearly a gigabyte of hard-drive space.



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Cupcakes Hate Bush

This is Burgers and Cupcakes in New York City:

Someone owes me hundreds of cupcakes.

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This Post was too large for Itself

In a way, this post collapsed in on itself before I even began to collect my thoughts onto the keyboard.  I’m reading too much, knowing too much, and far to unhappy and angry about all of these things.

The current “movement” of free news is refreshing and incredible.  I only hope one day new outlets where people can vote on news articles and discuss them freely, instead of news media, are how all people are getting news.  Real news.  Not controlled CNFoxMSNBBC entertainment programming.

Many Americans disgust me.   I believe in God no more than I believe in witches.  Our founding fathers were a collective of genius, far ahead of their own time and possibly even now.  The government is corrupt and to follow its rules is to disservice freedom, democracy, liberty, and self.  To not say something or to allow yourself to be brainwashed by societal normalcy’s equates you to a lemming.

Please, scrape at least the surface:

Programmer Testifies: US Elections Rigged

The Founding Fathers were Not Christians

US Politics ‘obsessed’ with Ads

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Leachers; Suck it

Waste of oxygen. A waste of earthly resources including food, fresh air, water, and even the space they consume. That is what I think when I see high leacher numbers. What can the argument on their behalf even be? If it’s legal they are full of shit. You are already stealing, and by not contributing back like bittorrent is set up to work, you are destroying the system and sucking broadband and human resources that you don’t deserve, dry. That includes bandwidth and MY oxygen, H2O, and sidewalk space. You as a leacher should be forced to wear the letter ‘L’ at all times. Or even have “LEACHER” tattooed on your forehead. That way, the next time I pass by you in the city, I will know you aren’t really there, since you take and take but refuse to give back, you are a negative drain on society. Hmm, a negative drain… sounds like something that sucks. Perhaps I won’t be able to avoid getting sucked towards you and will just bang into you with extreme force causing you to be severely injured. Wow, good thing I didn’t actually run into and injure a real person that contributes to the world they use selfishly for themselves, or I’d feel pretty bad.

See for yourself how leachers are sucking us dry:


A bittorrent ratio should be, at the very least, 1. No arguments.  Behold:


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Ghost in the Shell? More like a Secret Internet Fatty.

Are you a Ghost in the Shell( Does your online personality represent you better than your actual real-life appearance? Mine definitely doesn’t, I am not nearly as unfriendly or pompous in real life as I appear online. As far as looks… I’m a firm believer that a person cannot judge the quality of their own photographs.

I sure know what a Secret Internet Fatty is, though. Remember when Facebook first came out? It was and continues to remain the best and fastest way to get a ton of chicks in your apartment for a party… freshman chicks too. Simple, easy, informal, and you can even seek out some girls with similar interests to you or your roommate… if you care. Where does it fail? Looks. A girl’s picture does NOT prove she is hot, it only provides a non-convincing amount of evidence… some of the time. If you can only see her face? Shes fat. If the angle is funny? Shes ugly. If the flash is way to bright? She has bad skin. You know the drill.

PS You won’t find your true love on the Internet unless you care NOTHING about looks. Those one in a million couples in the commercials are just that; one in a million.

The internet is not a replacement for real-life social interaction.

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Street Drummers

I’ve seen a few guys around Boston, usually Newburt Street, doing this sort of thing. None that I have ever watched were this good… or energetic. I’m curious if this guy is in fact in Boston…

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