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Brian Williams is Not a Friend of Free Speech

Brian Williams seems to think he is some sort of big shot… at least that’s what I heard via my interviewers last week. A friend of mine, whom I met this past summer when placed in campus housing with him,

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Breaking News: Some Show Aired on TV like Always!

What is a respectable, or even acceptable, submission on Reddit? Daily Show clips, cool pictures of space, a video clip catching a politician in a lie, or some breaking scientific news? Hmm, not the first one. Those seem to get

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Speedit + Macbook = Brain on Drugs

With the recent breakdown in 90% of my brain logic, which caused the need for me to reinstall OS X, (see this post followed by this one) a silly thing or two has not been working properly, namely: Speedit.kext (found

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DON’T Use Monolingual on your Intel Mac!

If you don’t pay attention and leave any of the architectures checked, you WILL trash your OS X install and be forced to reinstall it, assuming you can find the CDs that came with your pretty little MacBook. Read the

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No, I guess there really isn’t a point to keeping unneeded language resources in Mac OS X. Not only does this piece of software take care of, lets say, how much space Albanian is taking up on my hard-drive, it

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Cupcakes Hate Bush

This is Burgers and Cupcakes in New York City: Someone owes me hundreds of cupcakes.

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This Post was too large for Itself

In a way, this post collapsed in on itself before I even began to collect my thoughts onto the keyboard.  I’m reading too much, knowing too much, and far to unhappy and angry about all of these things. The current

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