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PBR for President

Regardless of what future government office I may run for… my campaign sign will be something similar to this: I’m currently working on the slogan. Something along the lines of “Vote High Class,” “Vote for the Blue Ribbon Candidate,” “I’m

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This Post was too large for Itself

In a way, this post collapsed in on itself before I even began to collect my thoughts onto the keyboard.  I’m reading too much, knowing too much, and far to unhappy and angry about all of these things. The current

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Leachers; Suck it

Waste of oxygen. A waste of earthly resources including food, fresh air, water, and even the space they consume. That is what I think when I see high leacher numbers. What can the argument on their behalf even be? If

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Ghost in the Shell? More like a Secret Internet Fatty.

Are you a Ghost in the Shell( Does your online personality represent you better than your actual real-life appearance? Mine definitely doesn’t, I am not nearly as unfriendly or pompous in real life as I appear online. As far as

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