Behind the Scene

I was “blogging” before that word was ever uttered on MSNBC. Back when was run by a supposed girl named Amanda, before was just a porn site, was actually a whinny blog, and’s owner hadn’t been blackmailed by a slew of pseudo-celebrity online personalities.

It was, of course, not exactly called “blogging” at the time. I mean, it was, but nothing was a “blog” site. They were “E/N” sites which could mean “everything/nothing” or “entertainment/news.” No one really cared that much because no one thought of our little community as a “blog sphere.” We just had random “E/N” sites that we “blogged” on. The first time I saw someone on cable news say “blog,” I’m pretty sure I crapped in my pants.

I’m not bitter “blogging” has become so popular. Everything good either dies or becomes obscenely popular. A lot of things that aren’t good do the same thing, like pop-music. I am bitter about cable news’ use of “blogs.” Their are a whole host of reasons why cable news, the mass media, etc, are pathetic. I won’t get into them now… but I’ll have you know their is nothing that ruffles my feathers more than a news anchor who cites a “blog” or the “blog sphere,” talks about their “blog” or some esteemed colleague’s “blog.”

A “blog” is not a valid source of factual information. It is an opinion, or the misconstrued thoughts of some asshole who decided that people like me could give a shit about what they think. If I happen, in a moment of weakness, to flick on CNN or some other worthless network, I don’t want to know what Joe Bagofdonuts said on his blog this morning. I also do not want to know what some journalist, reporter, or other news anchor typed the other night with their arrogant little fingers. If I want to know what a blog says, I’ll find it and read it myself. News Anchors, give me facts about things going on in the world. I am not your friend, I do not care what you think.

Regardless, the popularity of “blogs” is something I have learned to live with. I also have decided to jump back into the game or test the waters so-to-speak. It’s for the same reasons anyone else would; I’m pompous, think I’m smarter than you, and figure someone out their gives a shit about what I think.

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