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Police on alert as graffiti artists gather in city… I used to work for Next Generation Media, the company promoting the “gathering of as many as 300 graffiti artists planned for tonight at a secret location in South Boston.” That is one of the most ridiculous statements I’ve

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Anna Nicole Smith Quotes

Marrying into money was not a good thing for me. – Anna Nicole Smith It’s been seven years since I’ve had sex. – Anna Nicole Smith It’s very expensive to be me. It’s terrible the things I have to do

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Brian Williams is Not a Friend of Free Speech

Brian Williams seems to think he is some sort of big shot… at least that’s what I heard via my interviewers last week. A friend of mine, whom I met this past summer when placed in campus housing with him,

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Breaking News: Some Show Aired on TV like Always!

What is a respectable, or even acceptable, submission on Reddit? Daily Show clips, cool pictures of space, a video clip catching a politician in a lie, or some breaking scientific news? Hmm, not the first one. Those seem to get

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PBR for President

Regardless of what future government office I may run for… my campaign sign will be something similar to this: I’m currently working on the slogan. Something along the lines of “Vote High Class,” “Vote for the Blue Ribbon Candidate,” “I’m

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Speedit + Macbook = Brain on Drugs

With the recent breakdown in 90% of my brain logic, which caused the need for me to reinstall OS X, (see this post followed by this one) a silly thing or two has not been working properly, namely: Speedit.kext (found

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DON’T Use Monolingual on your Intel Mac!

If you don’t pay attention and leave any of the architectures checked, you WILL trash your OS X install and be forced to reinstall it, assuming you can find the CDs that came with your pretty little MacBook. Read the

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