The Internet is something I spend far to much time utilizing, but still not enough. That is why I created this blog. I’ll use it to tie together all the different fragmented segments of my cyber existence.

This blog will include everything serious, not serious, tech related, political, social, personal, and humorous I want it to include. Keep in mind I am a young 20 something living in the New York metropolitan area with ideas and opinions better than yours and insecurities worse than yours.

I consider myself a fashionable geek. I go out, party, dance, work out, sleep, eat, dig technology, surf the internet, and get absurdly excited about the most dorky things. I use to be a computer science major, then an economics major… I studied sociology for a minute and somehow ended up with a bunch of small business management and social media marketing experience when my first dance with college was over.  Now I’m kick-starting my college encore so I can earn another piece of paper, to legitimize my marketing abilities, which will most certainly end up in an expensive frame in my mother’s house.

I am a liberal. Extremists on either side can piss me off but their is something wholesome about Socialists in an “everything has to be fair” kindergarten kind of way. One thing I strongly believe is that government is meant to serve and fear me, not tell me what I can or cannot do.


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