Police on alert as graffiti artists gather in city


I used to work for Next Generation Media, the company promoting the “gathering of as many as 300 graffiti artists planned for tonight at a secret location in South Boston.” That is one of the most ridiculous statements I’ve read in a while. This witch hunt of local “marketers” sparked by the equally absurd “bomb scare” slash idiocy has gotten completely out of hand. I won’t sit here and say anything event remotely decent about the guys at NGMedia, but as a local marketer I’m concerned. Not to mention that my newest employer Future Classic (futureclassic.net) runs one of the largest art exposés largely based on graffiti in the nation. Thankfully we don’t have another planned in Boston for at least a month or so.

Yes, I am a fan of tasteful graffiti, street artistry, “tagging”, whatever you want to call it. It’s beautiful and when a real talent goes to work it is ludicrous to call it anything other than artwork. I also understand the issue concerning vandalism of property, in this case that of the MBTA. Honestly, I think I speak for all Bostonians when I say I love staring blankly at plain brown, grey, whatever, subway station walls and such. Who wants them all colorful, unique, and intriguing. A bland commute is something I look forward to every single day and I certainly am glad our tax dollars are being well spent on arresting local, national, and international artistic genius and charging them with completely legitimate crimes like “the intent to deface” and “conspiracy to tag property.”

Give me a break, “intent,” “conspiracy?” We are talking about people who spend their free time decorating what would otherwise be the hideous underbelly of our city. NOT people looking to murder your mom or assault you late at night. “You are under arrest for conspiracy to commit beautification. Anything you say can, and will, be used against you in a circus of media blitzed politics.”

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4 comments on “Police on alert as graffiti artists gather in city
  1. DIRTY HARRY says:


  2. produck says:

    nailed it right on the head man. used to tag and the thrill of expression and then seeing adults call it “vandalism” or “conspiracy” created such more resentment haha boy did they get it bad with the next one, 3 entire subway cares with the word “inspire” across them ahhh the days of youth lol

  3. Grotstaiste says:

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