Breaking News: Some Show Aired on TV like Always!

What is a respectable, or even acceptable, submission on Reddit? Daily Show clips, cool pictures of space, a video clip catching a politician in a lie, or some breaking scientific news? Hmm, not the first one. Those seem to get a lot of up votes though, which never ceases to irk the crap out of me. If two girls found a way to more efficiently derive energy from bio-material, THAT is interesting news. A dolphin with legs… eh alright. But clips of a TV show that was aired last night, early this morning, not so early this morning, early in the afternoon, and then again three more times before the cycle begins again with the next new episode airing that night? No. It is a great way to get karma, congratulations, but it’s nearly as cheap as those ass-polls “vote up if you are a man,” or “vote up if you are breathing right now.” Am I the only user who feels this way?

At least it isn’t the Digg yet, with teams of total nerds who use elaborate methods to basically spam vote all their submissions to the front page.  “I got on the main page again!”  “Wow awesome, don’t you feel super fulfilled?”

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2 comments on “Breaking News: Some Show Aired on TV like Always!
  1. Phrawm48 says:

    I can’t understand why there are so many posts to Reddit. If one wishes to view youtube videos, wouldn’t one go to that site?

  2. You would think so. Personally, if the video is really interesting and something people wouldn’t have found… I don’t mind someone bringing it to my attention. But “Natalie Imbruglia performs “Torn”, alongside an awesomely literal mime. Really frickin’ funny! [video]…” nah, no thanks.

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