Speedit + Macbook = Brain on Drugs

With the recent breakdown in 90% of my brain logic, which caused the need for me to reinstall OS X, (see this post followed by this one) a silly thing or two has not been working properly, namely:

Speedit.kext (found here)
For some, what temperature their CPU may be running at would seem like something trivial and unimportant. I however, NEED TO KNOW. Not for any real reason other than that I like to see it go up and down as I press or do not press my CPUs capabilities.

Anyway, the issue here is that it USED to work just fine. It no longer does. Following these directions:

Putting speedctl into my user$ directory along with speedit.kext, and then typing the following in Terminal, one command at a time:
sudo chown -R root:wheel speedit.kext

sudo kextload -v speedit.kext

This installs speedit. Then to test it I type:

sysctl kern.cpu_temp

This works, my CPU temperature is at something like 100C, oh wow how dandy. Now of course for the graphically pretty and user friendly interface of iStat Nano, a glorious little widget that even lets me choose what color it will be. OH GEE, IT WORKS! Also, very exciting. I can now watch my CPU temperature update every second or so. It now seems as though everything that once worked on my MacBook has now been restored.

Think again! Because as soon as I restart OS X, it is as if the install never even happened. I need to do everything all over again if I wish to see my CPUs pretty little temperature.

SOMEONE TELL ME WHY! What do I do to fix this?

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