This Post was too large for Itself

In a way, this post collapsed in on itself before I even began to collect my thoughts onto the keyboard.  I’m reading too much, knowing too much, and far to unhappy and angry about all of these things.

The current “movement” of free news is refreshing and incredible.  I only hope one day new outlets where people can vote on news articles and discuss them freely, instead of news media, are how all people are getting news.  Real news.  Not controlled CNFoxMSNBBC entertainment programming.

Many Americans disgust me.   I believe in God no more than I believe in witches.  Our founding fathers were a collective of genius, far ahead of their own time and possibly even now.  The government is corrupt and to follow its rules is to disservice freedom, democracy, liberty, and self.  To not say something or to allow yourself to be brainwashed by societal normalcy’s equates you to a lemming.

Please, scrape at least the surface:

Programmer Testifies: US Elections Rigged

The Founding Fathers were Not Christians

US Politics ‘obsessed’ with Ads

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