Leachers; Suck it

Waste of oxygen. A waste of earthly resources including food, fresh air, water, and even the space they consume. That is what I think when I see high leacher numbers. What can the argument on their behalf even be? If it’s legal they are full of shit. You are already stealing, and by not contributing back like bittorrent is set up to work, you are destroying the system and sucking broadband and human resources that you don’t deserve, dry. That includes bandwidth and MY oxygen, H2O, and sidewalk space. You as a leacher should be forced to wear the letter ‘L’ at all times. Or even have “LEACHER” tattooed on your forehead. That way, the next time I pass by you in the city, I will know you aren’t really there, since you take and take but refuse to give back, you are a negative drain on society. Hmm, a negative drain… sounds like something that sucks. Perhaps I won’t be able to avoid getting sucked towards you and will just bang into you with extreme force causing you to be severely injured. Wow, good thing I didn’t actually run into and injure a real person that contributes to the world they use selfishly for themselves, or I’d feel pretty bad.

See for yourself how leachers are sucking us dry:


A bittorrent ratio should be, at the very least, 1. No arguments.  Behold:


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8 comments on “Leachers; Suck it
  1. You can see a folder called 90rn in some of those pictures. Anyone guess what that might be?

  2. shan says:

    I’m fairly certain we can ALL guess what that is. Shame, shame, putting your private affairs on the internet for all to see, on a dugg story no less…

  3. Mike says:

    Sean, “Leechers” are simply people who have not finished their download yet. In your second photo, you are “leeching” Snakes on a Plane.

    BitTorrent: Why do they call them leechers?

    Calm down.

  4. If that is the official definition, that is bull. If you haven’t completed downloading on bittorrent, you can still upload what you already have. I wouldn’t consider that leaching.

    You can substitute the word ‘leacher’ with ‘dick head’ if it makes more sense.

  5. Mike says:

    Well technically if you have uploaded 10gb and you’re still waiting for the last 1 byte, you’re still a “leecher” in the bittorent lingua franca.

    It’s pretty hard to tell who’s being the dickhead in that case, since the users it describes is pretty indeterminant.

  6. John says:

    Good job calling unfinished(potential seeds) users names. I’m *sure* they’ll seed now.

  7. nobody says:

    It’s impossible for everyone to have a 1.0 ratio on a torrent, especially when people like you seed more than 1.0. Moran.

  8. Yes, I figured such things out after I posted all of this long ago…

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