Ghost in the Shell? More like a Secret Internet Fatty.

Are you a Ghost in the Shell( Does your online personality represent you better than your actual real-life appearance? Mine definitely doesn’t, I am not nearly as unfriendly or pompous in real life as I appear online. As far as looks… I’m a firm believer that a person cannot judge the quality of their own photographs.

I sure know what a Secret Internet Fatty is, though. Remember when Facebook first came out? It was and continues to remain the best and fastest way to get a ton of chicks in your apartment for a party… freshman chicks too. Simple, easy, informal, and you can even seek out some girls with similar interests to you or your roommate… if you care. Where does it fail? Looks. A girl’s picture does NOT prove she is hot, it only provides a non-convincing amount of evidence… some of the time. If you can only see her face? Shes fat. If the angle is funny? Shes ugly. If the flash is way to bright? She has bad skin. You know the drill.

PS You won’t find your true love on the Internet unless you care NOTHING about looks. Those one in a million couples in the commercials are just that; one in a million.

The internet is not a replacement for real-life social interaction.

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