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DON’T Use Monolingual on your Intel Mac!

If you don’t pay attention and leave any of the architectures checked, you WILL trash your OS X install and be forced to reinstall it, assuming you can find the CDs that came with your pretty little MacBook. Read the

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Failed States and External Intervention

“Outside intervention can be both a symptom of and a trigger for state collapse. A failed state may be subject to involuntary restrictions of its sovereignty, such as political or economic sanctions, the presence of foreign military forces on its

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No, I guess there really isn’t a point to keeping unneeded language resources in Mac OS X. Not only does this piece of software take care of, lets say, how much space Albanian is taking up on my hard-drive, it

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Cupcakes Hate Bush

This is Burgers and Cupcakes in New York City: Someone owes me hundreds of cupcakes.

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This Post was too large for Itself

In a way, this post collapsed in on itself before I even began to collect my thoughts onto the keyboard.  I’m reading too much, knowing too much, and far to unhappy and angry about all of these things. The current

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Leachers; Suck it

Waste of oxygen. A waste of earthly resources including food, fresh air, water, and even the space they consume. That is what I think when I see high leacher numbers. What can the argument on their behalf even be? If

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Ghost in the Shell? More like a Secret Internet Fatty.

Are you a Ghost in the Shell( Does your online personality represent you better than your actual real-life appearance? Mine definitely doesn’t, I am not nearly as unfriendly or pompous in real life as I appear online. As far as

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