Police on alert as graffiti artists gather in city


I used to work for Next Generation Media, the company promoting the “gathering of as many as 300 graffiti artists planned for tonight at a secret location in South Boston.” That is one of the most ridiculous statements I’ve read in a while. This witch hunt of local “marketers” sparked by the equally absurd “bomb scare” slash idiocy has gotten completely out of hand. I won’t sit here and say anything event remotely decent about the guys at NGMedia, but as a local marketer I’m concerned. Not to mention that my newest employer Future Classic (futureclassic.net) runs one of the largest art exposés largely based on graffiti in the nation. Thankfully we don’t have another planned in Boston for at least a month or so.

Yes, I am a fan of tasteful graffiti, street artistry, “tagging”, whatever you want to call it. It’s beautiful and when a real talent goes to work it is ludicrous to call it anything other than artwork. I also understand the issue concerning vandalism of property, in this case that of the MBTA. Honestly, I think I speak for all Bostonians when I say I love staring blankly at plain brown, grey, whatever, subway station walls and such. Who wants them all colorful, unique, and intriguing. A bland commute is something I look forward to every single day and I certainly am glad our tax dollars are being well spent on arresting local, national, and international artistic genius and charging them with completely legitimate crimes like “the intent to deface” and “conspiracy to tag property.”

Give me a break, “intent,” “conspiracy?” We are talking about people who spend their free time decorating what would otherwise be the hideous underbelly of our city. NOT people looking to murder your mom or assault you late at night. “You are under arrest for conspiracy to commit beautification. Anything you say can, and will, be used against you in a circus of media blitzed politics.”

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Anna Nicole Smith Quotes

Marrying into money was not a good thing for me.
– Anna Nicole Smith

It’s been seven years since I’ve had sex.
– Anna Nicole Smith

It’s very expensive to be me. It’s terrible the things I have to do to be me.
– Anna Nicole Smith

I don’t have a boyfriend right now. I’m looking for anyone with a job that I don’t have to support.
– Anna Nicole Smith

I have to go home and masturbate.
– Anna Nicole Smith – The Anna Nicole Show, after a long day of house shopping.

Trimspa Baby
– Anna Nicole Smith

I don’t drink as much as I use to could.
– Anna Nicole Smith

I want to be the new Marilyn Monroe and find my own Clark Gable.
– Anna Nicole Smith – Her ambitions in 1992, according to her Playmate data sheet

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Brian Williams is Not a Friend of Free Speech

Brian Williams seems to think he is some sort of big shot… at least that’s what I heard via my interviewers last week.

A friend of mine, whom I met this past summer when placed in campus housing with him, gave me a call the other day about a documentary he is working on.  The point of this documentary is to highlight the ways in which younger generations are getting their news.  Working to cover everything from traditional news network’s, their websites, and down the list to blogs, they’ve interviewed all kinds of people including Brian Williams of MSNBC.  I got a phone call because my friend knew that I was at least vaguely informed on current events, spent a lot of time on the internet, and yeah, one might call me a “blogger.”  I basically jumped at the chance to help a friend with what I thought was a “whatever” sort of video project.

As it turns out, this is not just a student project.  My friend is assisting a professor in acquiring student perspectives on the current state of the everyday college student.  What do we know about current events, how do we know it, and how much does it interest us.  There is also the case of blogger vs big smart news anchor, specifically, Brian Williams, since it was a theory of the project that many college students used something new called “blogs” to get their information.

As it turns out, Brian Williams wasn’t to kind in regards to bloggers while he was being interviewed.  He seems to think that a well paid, educated, and experienced “journalist” like himself is a much better source of information then just some schmuck in front of their computer typing out a blog.  Ouch, sounds reasonable I guess, I mean obviously Brian Williams isn’t a schmuck that sits in front of a computer, right?  Not only is he super smart and important, he clearly has good genes– as made clear when Mr. Williams chose to mentioned that his daughter goes to an “unnamed” ivy league university.  Furthermore, who even KNOWS what asshole is typing out a blog, right?

Listen Brian, you do look and sound impressive all the way up their on your high horse, but lets make something perfectly clear; you are an ignorant prick.

First, respected journalist my ass.  Brian Williams is part of the same bullshit sensational American media that all the ridiculous cable news networks, including Fox News, are a part of.  The last time I heard anyone speak about the current state of the media presenting us with any sort of respectable journalistic work it was the early 90s, CNN was king, and the war we were involved in over in Iraq was legal.  Weren’t those the days?

Second, Brian here doesn’t seem to understand what he said himself.  Anyone could be writing a blog, yeah, someone who knows nothing, or perhaps someone who knows a LOT– for example, an expert in a specific field.  Yes this is very possible.  Someone who has first hand knowledge and understanding of what they are talking about and not just some reporter who is trying to understand it, then proceeding to simplify it almost beyond recognition to be consumed by the hungry ratings monsters.

Recently, I stumbled across this clearly uninformed little blog that didn’t seem to know what it was talking about.  A comparison between CNNMoney and a Blog.  If you don’t care to read it you can probably guess that it is a long explanation of how the blog made more sense than CNNMoney… and was right.  The big difference?  The blog knew the difference between correlation and causation while CNNMoney did not.

Well that is pretty damn hilarious to me.  What a completely blatant example of how the media, in this case CNN, is willing to be herded like sheep.  “Oh the NAHB and S&P seemed to plummet and sky rocket in the same correlated manner a little bit once?  It MUST mean one is a predictor of the other.  Get this up ASAP, we’ve clearly got an exclusive on dementia!”

Just for everyones further information, Brian Williams also noted that bloggers shouldn’t be able to sit down in front of their computers and just say whatever they want.  It can be misleading and they aren’t educated journalists like him.  I’ll have you know I defended mine and everyone else’s right to free speech on the internet by blog and all mediums during the interview.  Though, if you aren’t in the business of informing people, then you shouldn’t be informing at all according to Brian Williams.

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Breaking News: Some Show Aired on TV like Always!

What is a respectable, or even acceptable, submission on Reddit? Daily Show clips, cool pictures of space, a video clip catching a politician in a lie, or some breaking scientific news? Hmm, not the first one. Those seem to get a lot of up votes though, which never ceases to irk the crap out of me. If two girls found a way to more efficiently derive energy from bio-material, THAT is interesting news. A dolphin with legs… eh alright. But clips of a TV show that was aired last night, early this morning, not so early this morning, early in the afternoon, and then again three more times before the cycle begins again with the next new episode airing that night? No. It is a great way to get karma, congratulations, but it’s nearly as cheap as those ass-polls “vote up if you are a man,” or “vote up if you are breathing right now.” Am I the only user who feels this way?

At least it isn’t the Digg yet, with teams of total nerds who use elaborate methods to basically spam vote all their submissions to the front page.  “I got on the main page again!”  “Wow awesome, don’t you feel super fulfilled?”

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PBR for President

Regardless of what future government office I may run for… my campaign sign will be something similar to this:


I’m currently working on the slogan. Something along the lines of “Vote High Class,” “Vote for the Blue Ribbon Candidate,” “I’m a Man’s Man,” or of course “I’m Drunk.” Suggestions are welcome.

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Speedit + Macbook = Brain on Drugs

With the recent breakdown in 90% of my brain logic, which caused the need for me to reinstall OS X, (see this post followed by this one) a silly thing or two has not been working properly, namely:

Speedit.kext (found here)
For some, what temperature their CPU may be running at would seem like something trivial and unimportant. I however, NEED TO KNOW. Not for any real reason other than that I like to see it go up and down as I press or do not press my CPUs capabilities.

Anyway, the issue here is that it USED to work just fine. It no longer does. Following these directions:

Putting speedctl into my user$ directory along with speedit.kext, and then typing the following in Terminal, one command at a time:
sudo chown -R root:wheel speedit.kext

sudo kextload -v speedit.kext

This installs speedit. Then to test it I type:

sysctl kern.cpu_temp

This works, my CPU temperature is at something like 100C, oh wow how dandy. Now of course for the graphically pretty and user friendly interface of iStat Nano, a glorious little widget that even lets me choose what color it will be. OH GEE, IT WORKS! Also, very exciting. I can now watch my CPU temperature update every second or so. It now seems as though everything that once worked on my MacBook has now been restored.

Think again! Because as soon as I restart OS X, it is as if the install never even happened. I need to do everything all over again if I wish to see my CPUs pretty little temperature.

SOMEONE TELL ME WHY! What do I do to fix this?

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DON’T Use Monolingual on your Intel Mac!

If you don’t pay attention and leave any of the architectures checked, you WILL trash your OS X install and be forced to reinstall it, assuming you can find the CDs that came with your pretty little MacBook.

Read the comments here.

I’m such a jackass.  What an amateurish mistake.

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